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Thread: Game for fun, not income

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    Game for fun, not income

    Hi guys, well I am once again trying my hand at an rpg.

    But spending some time on this one. I am using external models, and fileing system, pretty much everything in my game is going to be kept server side until the first time you see it. (i.e. a wolf, the first time you come across it will be loaded to your comp, then there for later reference)

    This is my plan to get around huge download times. I have big plans for this and have already been doing some battle and world tests and there coming out pretty well.

    This is of course going to be a top down down view rpg.

    My character selection screen is 3 mb, I plan to have a user login/sign up screen before it, were you would need to create an account before you play, obviously free, but this way you can keep track of your characters and save them as well. So I figure this will give plenty of time for the 3 mb character selection to load to your machine upon first play, after that its there for future reference.

    I will be posting more soon, but I dont want to rush it and want a full first 5 levels and quests done before I post the game. But I thought you all might find this interesting....

    which leads me to my topic.... All I am hoping for out of this game is a learning experience in using external file systems and server connections, oh, AND NOT GET SUED.

    3 mb no pre-loader=/ and no male characters yet.

    I figure if problems do arrise, I can always take out all wow models and replace with my own, should be easy enough, but time consuming, and wont be such an attention grabber. (looks pretty damn good if i do say so m self) almost just like the original

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