I have a very interesting anomaly in my flash video project. I am going to try and explain this as Clear as possible.

My project involves transitioning from one video to another using Onstatus function, and user interactivity with 1 button which is enabled and disabled using CuePoints.

The button's Target is changed using a function that evaluates what point in the video it is at using arrays to compare cuepoints in what I refer to as "The Main Video" (because it is the video the user first sees and will always return to at the END of every sub video).

So that’s the basic idea. My problem is with the videos, mainly at the end of every video the ser is automatically redirected to either the main video or a random video. My problem is that my Video FLVS are not completely ending for some weird reason. I have a video buffer and a loadbar that uses the Function below to Move a scrubber across the loadbar (very basic). :

function videoStatus() {
	_global.time = ns.time;
	amountLoaded = ns.bytesLoaded/ns.bytesTotal;
	loader.loadbar._width = amountLoaded*450;
	loader.scrub._x = time/duration*450;
	trace("********Video status**********\n duration: "+duration+"\n amountLoaded: "+amountLoaded);
	trace("loader.loadbar._width: "+loader.loadbar._width+"\n loader.scrub._x: "+loader.scrub._x);
	trace("nstime: "+time+"\n********Video status**********\n");
loader.scrub.onPress = function() {
	vFrame.onEnterFrame = scrubit;
	this.startDrag(false, 0, this._y, 450, this._y);
loader.scrub.onRelease = loader.scrub.onReleaseOutside=function () {
	vFrame.onEnterFrame = videoStatus;
function scrubit() {
As you can see I have already inspected this function for any bad variables. and from doing this I have come to my present Point. The Output of the Variables is not matching. The Flvs play fine and the cue points work fine as well.

But I have noticed that the duration and ns.time are not matching at the end of the video's playing. What occurs is that the ns.time never reaches or passes the videos duration. For some reason MOST
OF MY VIDEOS stop milliseconds before, Causing the video buffer to appear but never Disappear (like it is supposed to) and never redirects to the New Video. This is frustrating I have tested the code before and different FLVS but never have this problem.

The new changes that can probably contribute to this.

1. I deinterlaced the video using Sorenson's Flash Program. From avi's to wmv's. ( note: I have directly deinterlaced from AVI's to FLV's before but to my surprise Sorenson has not completely worked out all their bugs in the FLV cuepoints. Causing Speratic Behavior with the cuepoints, and needless to say I am not encoding FLVS with Sorenson anymore.)

2. I have also deinterlaced "The Main Video" using Premiere and have the same results.

Finally my Request is to find out if anyone out there can help me figure out this problem. And also I am open to any suggestions provided by you to resolve this issue or to better explain my situation.