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Thread: best way to put rendered 3D animation to flash without bg? (my techniques inside)

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    best way to put rendered 3D animation to flash without bg? (my techniques inside)

    As stated in the topic, file size is a major issue, what are your tricks to import a 3D animation to flash with transparency, having in mind the lowest file size.

    I work on 3D studio max and I do it this way:

    technique nr 1 -> render to PNG files with transparency, edit in
    photoshop(saving as PNG-24 = high file size ), and importing to flash.

    technique nr 2 -> rendering as PNG files, optimizing in photoshop to medium quality JPG files with white background, putting the animation in one movie clip file inside flash and setting the BLEND MODE to darken or multiply.

    i tried some techniques with rendering as quick time .mov , but for some reason there was no transparency(tried with multiple backgrounds, black, green, pink)

    share your techniques, i shared mine

    hope to get some feedback, remember, good way of putting a 3D animation with no background(transparent) to flash with the lowest file size.

    thanks for upcoming posts, i'm sure looking forward to them

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    Here's just a couple thoughts

    When you saved out from photoshop, did u go through the 'save for web' option? I use it when I'm working with large images and it preserves quality while making them considerably smaller in file size. You'd have to just play with settings. Make sure to use 2-up or 4-up so you can compare to the original.

    Another thought. Quicktimes should be able to preserve the transparency. You have to set the encoder to 'millions+ of colors'. Though I haven't tried this myself, this is what a friend had told me.

    Hope these help!

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