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Thread: Video recorder and player

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    Video recorder and player

    Hi all, not a flash noob, but new to 8 and its features, I need some help on this, here is what I've been asked to do.

    1) Record a max 60 second video locally from webcam and microphone.
    2) Playback video so the user can check it's ok
    3) Record again if unhappy erasing the previous version.
    4) Click one button to submit the file as an flv POST variable to a PHP page for upload.

    I'm at a bit of a loss as to where to start, anyone help me out.


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    press the picture...
    I transfer you to video forum.
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    yuo can download my webcam application from my library as starting block
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    Hi spickee, did you finally created your Video recorder and player application?


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