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    how can i study the actionscrips line by line in the movies place, coz, there just show the movie and the file.fla that i can not see.

    or what aplication i must have to see the document.fla to learn how the movie works.

    i need to see the structure of the movie, to learn, i know in the tutorial place, that there are some good ones, but if i wan the same, strict the same tip for my home page, maybe some color change, some stile font, but basic the same, please, how can i see line by line the actionscript of that movies.

    please, i am sorry to ask to much. please help.

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    to see the .fla file, you must have to have macromedia flash 4(especially actionscript). You can download a 30-days trial from www.macromedia.com.

    check on that layers of those .fla file.
    if you see a small "a" symbol appear on a keyframe then there must be a actionscript on that keyframe. double-click on that keyframe and a window will pop up. click on the "action" tab and you will see the actionscript on the specific keyframe.

    Note,the might be many actionscript in one movie. Every scene, movie clips, button might have some actionscript in it. So, if you want to understand the whole movie, you might want to examine every single element in the movie.

    hope this help.

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