with all the pain at the moment coding with AS3 and acutally having no propper IDE that helps with graphics sucks big time (esspecially if you are busy in that field too). So I started yesterday writing a collection of a very usefull spriteSet class, custom GUI- class that reads out a Sprite table and a sprite sheet and some cool settings class that stores all kind of mini settings by ID and can save it as a sharedObject on the local computer.

here a first demo:
(for some odd reason my computer gets 90% CPU usuage here though there is absolutely no loop,- any ideas if this might be as3 specific as a note I used only Bitmaps as displayobjects, some Simple Button classes but those again containing only Bitmaps)
for the first skin (my design) all it needs to load (all dynamicly) is a slice table and this skin image

I am very proud of the class structure so far as everything really works smooth (I never could have imagined something like this with AS1 or AS2).
My spriteSet class for example has several methods for returning slices, 1 for example the block method returns a sprite typicly from a game sprite sheet like this one (used in the demo link):

var sprite:SpriteSet = new SpriteSet("../srpites/zelda1.gif",continueFunction);//loads the tilemap
function continueFunction():void{//proceed once finished with loading
	var tileNr:uint = 6;
	var tile:Bitmap = new Bitmap(sprite.getBlock(tileNr,16,16,1));//get block Tile

other functions read out ids from a slice table (can be passed as well to the SpriteSet class) and let you slice elements by the ids that is how I for example realized the GUI. and Once I have a bitmap object I can easily read out the width & height of that sprite and that way create relative GUIs sizes.
These functions are essential for me as they finally enable me to skin for example my orthix project to load different models in realtime through a GUI- to much pain in the a** before.

Along the code I created this first concept of a "possible " tile editor

there are still some GUI elements missing but I already like it alot.

There is a high possibility that Ill share some of the usefull classes once they have the full functionality I want. I just started but this AS3 language is truely awesome or as Squize would say "pure sex"

anyway since I am somewhat active on the possible tile editor I wanted to ask you guys what kind of export, import formats youd like to have in a tile editor just post some sample lines. My idea is to create a import function that somehow automaticly recognizes the style- that way one only needed to paste his map in the input text field and let it "parse".
some samples (all: 3x3 matrix) I could imagine:

simplified text:
simplified array:
map = [[1,2,3],[5,3,44],[11,12,1]];
simplified xml:
simplified xml B:
<r v="1,2,3"/>
<r v="5,3,44"/>
<r v="11,12,1"/>
advanced xml (library association, allowing to use multiple sprite sets)
see my zelda engine for input or details on this:
but let me hear your thoughts on this, as Id like to know how you use you tile data like you have your own format, use tools such as mappy and their output format or some existing norm,...