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Thread: Creating a resizable website based on end-user res.

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    Creating a resizable website based on end-user res.

    I would like to create a website where the graphics appear the same on all screen resolutions.

    I have been messing around with this problem a little and tried creating a table with the width set to 80%, then placing an image inside the cell and setting the width to 100%. The problem, however, is that when viewed on a higher resolution the image stretches rather than maintaining the same proportions. I would like to have a variable width where the height is proportional to the original graphic size.

    Is there a way to set the width at a certain percentage and have the image maintain the same proportions?

    I assume that if I can do it this was way, I would have to design the images in a high resolution to ensure quality--correct?


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    It sounds as though you are asking to resize in an HTML site, which I don't know if you can do or not. (sorry)

    You can do something like what you are wanting in Flash though. I haven't done it personally, but there are a bunch of tutes here that explain it. Basically, you set certain parts of your site to "float" and using listeners those floating items will move themselves to certain positions depending on the user's screen rez. Although you don't actually rezise anything, it fills the space. Do a search in the forums for resizeable sites and something should up up for you.

    Sorry I couldn't be of more assistance. Hope that helps!


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    well, my short answer is you can create 3-4 CSS style sheets for the major monitor resolutions then you can create a javascript which determines the users screen resolution and automatically loads the correct CSS file. Or if you're not familiar with java, you can just have the user choose which version of the site they'd like to see.

    in regards to actual images being loaded, you'd have 3-4 different versions of each photo based on the width & heights you specify for each resolution.

    This can very well be a huge pain in the arse, so i don't know if this answer will satisfy your quesiton.

    Maybe someone else has a better idea.

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