Hello everybody,

I build a swf "sound calendar" for my website and that works.
No i have been thinking of making an app from it. So I downloaded Zinc3(Mac) to try it.
I found out that I needed another swf to load in a MC the "sound calendar.swf"("sound calendar" being updated quite often, the app needs to be updated as well, that's why I choose the loadClip option). So I called the new swf "widget".

On my computer opening "widget" with FlashPlayer 10, there is no problem, "sound calendar" loads and everything is available.
So I compiled "widget" in Zinc and now I have the "calendarisonorapp", but when I start it, the main volume button doesn't work anymore.
I uploaded "Widget" on the server and run it from there (on the same directory as "sound calendar") and there is no problem.

Does this mean that I can't have an external swf loading another one and having all the functions of the flash player. I changes all the paths of the different objects of the loaded swf "sound calendar".

Any hint?

You can try it here:
sound calendar
and download the calendarisonortapp for Mac(5.8MB) and Windows(2.6MB)

If you need as2 code just ask.

I am using Flash CS4/as2