Hi guys,

I've made a few games, and wouldnt say im a newbie in flash.

I've been reading about the new version of flash coming out soon -- Flash CS3 -- and it looks great, but its all actionscript 3.

I've never even tried actionscript 2.

I've always been able to do everything i want in 1, so never found the need.

How had have you found it to move to version 3? Do all the old commands still work to hide the mouse / on enter keyframe and everything?

any info would be great, I plan on learning it, and i have done OO in uni, but it made little sense (i noticed a "class" in the demo on the adobe screen, so im gussing its all OO now?) -- do you have to use objects/classes/etc -- it just seems to take longer to do anything.

Cheers for any help.