I have recently learned XML to work on a database driven flash game.

Question #1: Is it possible to disable XML in a flash document?
Question #2: Is there something that will break XML in a flash video?

If I create test.fla in the same folder as my current game file, and run through the steps to put in an XML connector and trigger it, it works fine. ( I can go to Debug > List Variables and it shows "results" for my XML connection)

Then I go back and do the exact same thing in my flash game, and nothing happens.

I also noticed that if I drag in a "DataGrid" or "ComboBox" etc. that it comes up as a white square with a 1px border (as opposed to having the header or drop down arrow, etc.)

It is this latter occurance that leads me to believe XML or Components are disabled in my movie...

Any Ideas?

THANK YOU for your help!
Ashton Sanders

(P.S. Everything above is done in Flash 8 Pro. I started the game in Flash 8 Pro as well.)