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Thread: post a drawing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by trogdor458
    strangely enough this is te best I could get my taco to look

    and even then i had to mess with its contrast because it looked kind of blurry when i took the picture. god, a sausage-propelled taco carried by hamburgers along a strip of bacon...
    Quote Originally Posted by trogdor458
    eeg, how could i possibly relate your pictures to mine? and yet i just did it twice in a row. other than that they are great pictures

    renderhj: somehow the building looks soft, as if it were made from modeling clay. after thinking about this, i remembered how my taco turned out to be a soft one

    Xploder: those things on the side of your tank easily remind me of hamburgers...the wheels of my taco.
    oh, i also suggest defining the end of your barrel a bit better too, looks more like a cigarette at the moment.
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    i have a tendency to eat everything in the house (my dad once locked up a cabinet so i couldnt eat its contents, eventually all this food is going to catch up with me...in the form of medical bills)

    hmm, after i get dressed i think i might eat whatever is left lying around...

    EDIT: and just because i mention food, doesnt mean i eat constantly (which i do). otherwise you could also assume that i smoke (which i dont do)

    EDIT EDIT: oh great, i just brushed my teeth, that means eating will be pointless
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    Well, i draw that for the intro of what can be my game some day

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