hello all, i have a question about creating a "game". here is how it should operate, there are five main questions each of which has options to choose from which then in the last frame should display the results of the previous selections.

the game is designed to predict someones personality. here is the swf, you can look at it an maybe see what i am looking to accomplish. each radio button and check box should return a value on the last page.

swf: swf

ok so for the first page, the cube. it would be as follows:

the cube is you: if it the radio button glass is selected it should display "the cube is you and glass indicates an open personality"
the radio groups below: what size is it small-med-large group: should display "small size is your ego, the small size cube indicates a small ego"
where is it located radio group would be " above the horizon, at the horizon and, below the horizon" and if the above the horizon radio was selected, the results page should display "the fact that the cube is "above" the horizon indicates "you are very optimistic"

really i would like it to create a results.txt and it could then be displayed on the results page, i can write all the answers to the radio boxes because each box then has a predetermined answer.

so basically if i could have someone help me set it up i could repeat it for all the questions.