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Thread: Need Some Comments

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    Need Some Comments

    Hello. Ive been asked to do an advertising image for a magazine. The person is inviting people to join a contest, and he wanted me to do a picture for him. So please tell me what you think before I show it to him. Maybe I should fix something up. Thank you.

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    The second one is better, but I would suggest making "World of the Rings" larger and placing in that big block of space to the left of the ring. I think I would also be tempted to make the site address on the bottom a bit smaller.

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    Im sorry dude, this doesnt work for me again.

    You have your elements "world of the rings" "photography competition" "design competition" but what in either of the two (aside from your text) is bringing that across?

    (before I start, I've just had a look at the link provided & read up about the project)

    The topography of both of the images is what's setting me off.

    While I like the image you chose, you could've used it a lot better in the space you've been assigned to work with, also, considering that this competition is based around specific pieces of jewelry, I dont know if this was the best choice.

    The use of negative space is also, there's too much. In the grey image, some of it was used up (but still rather nasty) the white version is cleaner, more crisp (so I guess that means I like the second one too). i would have focused on the ring to some extent.

    Your wording placement and font choice: agian, I dont think I would have used this font.
    Its too hard and harsh. Your colours yes, red ring, white space, red text. Works. there.
    The way you've set up the font, looks too compacted when compared to all the negative space you've set up.
    here stuttering your wording could work. You could even enlarge some elements of your text to stand out more and use your space.
    Personally I'd have used "WORLD OF THE RINGS"


    (hard to do quickly in form but im sure you see where Im going with this)
    then perhaps used the ring in question in the 'O' of World.

    One of the things I've learned in the last two years as working as a designer, is that your text is an element of beauty, emphasis and design all itself.
    An image speaks volumes, but sometimes words as an image can become more striking than the image you're trying to display.

    Again, I think you can play with this a lot more.

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