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Thread: mc problem

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    hey guys,

    can someone check out this site i'm working on. i have 6 buttons, initially they work fine, but when you press them again, it plays the extro. how can i get it to play only the intro.

    using "goto frame (x)" just has it go directly to there without giving me the chance to press the secondary buttons, so this doesnt work.

    any suggestions and help?


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    oh yeah, here's the URL



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    Post a possible answer

    I am relativly new to Flash, but have a lot of experience with Dreamweaver. It seems to me like the problem is that the "extro" only plays when you click the button a second time. It would make more sense to me for it to play on a "mouse leave" behaviour. You should be able to do that with action script.

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    you want it to play only the intro and stop there. Not play the extro at all I don't understand what u want.

    first time
    on mouse release = ?

    second time
    on mouse release = ?

    please explain more and I will help

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