Hello I am having a weird problem that i hope some one else has already solved.

I am using AMEMBER program to adminster my membership site. I have tested every little thing about my FLASH player on my webserver before implimenting the membership areas to my site, and my flash player worked just as expected.

My problem now after Adding the members areas is two sided it is a blessing and a curse.

1. All my FLV videos are not storing to my Temp Internet Files folder after progressive download.
a. that good because no one can steal my FLVS and post them around the world for free.
b. that is bad because part of my FLV player's function is to seek to the middle of a video file after already being downloaded Once. This way the users can seemingly interact with the video. But as you all may know the progressive download streaming in flash can only seek to what has already been downloaded. since my users are going from video 1 to video 2 and back to video 1 again to seek this causes problems.

2. My xml files are not accessible to load my playlist if the correct url path is not in the address bar.
a. this is not what you may think it is. What i am saying is that my xml data path in my swf file is:
but my the problem is that if the user types in :"http://mywebsite.com/memberfolder/videoplayer.html"
than the XML file is not loaded because the are not at:
this is a very strange dilema.

I want to create a SHARED OBJECT an than REMOVE it after the user switches URLs from one player to another. But i cant figure out how to store the FLV as a shared Object.

I also believe if i store the XML file It may also work with out any problems. But i am not sure.

Can anyone Help Me?