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Thread: back after 30 sec to begin scene

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    Does anybody have an answer to my question;

    I have a scene on witch mc appearing when I go over buttons.
    And the mc stay on the scene untill I go on another button.
    But I want to make it that the mc go away after 20 seconds to the begin scene of the flash page.
    Is there a command to make that happen?

    Thank you!

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    It's a work around... AGAIN!

    I can't answer your question precisely. But I can offer a work around.

    If your MC is a straightforward one simply put a blank frame after 20 seconds with a stop action.

    Use the Tell target action on your buttons to goto the movie clip, frame 1, and play. When the playhead hits the blank frame the movie clip contents are apparently gone.

    If your movie clip is complicated put it inside another movie clip and then follow the instructions above.

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