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Thread: How do you add onclick events to cloned elements?

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    How do you add onclick events to cloned elements?

    I have a problem: I can't figure out how to set an onclick event handler for a cloned layer. I'm working on a 3D carousel of click-able layers, and so I thought I would just set the onclick event of the original "template" layer -- the one that all the others are cloned from. I checked the "element has events" box, and then added a script to the onclick event:

    showInfo( this )

    In 3DFA, this works perfectly, but when I compile it and run it, only the original layer activates on a click. When I'm cloning the layers, is there a way to set the onclick event individually?

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    Yep there is a way. Just do...

    function function_name()
    //do something


    Because of the way 3DFA works, you must set it to a function like that.

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