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Thread: --sound sync/delay problem!!

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    --sound sync/delay problem!!

    I've been working extremely hard on a project for a year now
    the animation so far goes for 6.5 mins and has 2 scenes. i just made a new scene (3) and put in the song file, and some sound effects (both streamed) , but when exported everything in that scene is completely out of sync.

    I've looked everywhere for help on this topic and so far have found no answer as to how this problem can be fixed.
    I've tried chopping up the 2 minute song, changing publish settings, and so far to no avail. my computer is a beast, 2 gig of rram and 2 1950 Gforce grafix cards, nothing should be making this happen on MY side, so what is the solution?

    worse yet, its due for DVD in july, so i need a solution FAST.

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    I really need an answer to this problem too. I'm experiencing the same problem. What I've noticed is this: If the exported flash file is viewed on it's on, by doubleclicking the file, the sound is in sync. When the file is viewed in an HTML file, irregardless of what browser is used, the sound is out of sync.

    Please Help. This is a real pain in the butt.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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