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Thread: The Four Hour Work Week

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    The Four Hour Work Week

    Interesting ideas here.

    Audio of SXSW speech (50 min) details his book and his ideas on "lifestyle design."

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    Looks like just a spin on the old get rich quick scam. The only difference being that he's saying live rich quick instead of get rich quick. All the while, he's the only one rubbing cocoa oil on his belly off of book sales.
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    Damn, gotta get me one of these "change your life" book ideas! THAT'S the way to get 4 hour weeks and a fat bank account!!
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    This is true. I do agree with some of the basic premises though. Why sit in an office for 8 hours a day when we have the internet? I could just as easily get work done in a couple of hours at home rather than be forced to sit here sometimes and do nothing.

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