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Thread: Flash mp3 player not connecting to XML

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    Flash mp3 player not connecting to XML

    Okay so here's the situation.

    I made a streaming mp3 player (mostly from a tutorial) that uses an .xml file to get where/what to stream. The player works perfectly when I connect to it through the browser. But I made this to stream music on a forum (you can post flash movies on the forum). But when I posted it on the forum, none of the music showed up, just a blank mp3 player. I don't know why this be, but it seems like it's a problem connecting to the XML file, since it works perfectly when it's not on the forum.

    If it would help I could give you the links to the topic and mp3 player.


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    Are you using relative links to the mp3 files? If so, they're not going to find them. The links will have to be absolute: ie. www.yourwebsite.com/musicfile.mp3

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