Hello together,

I am using 3DFA for developing a little flash game. So far everything was smooth and easy to find out. Everything works great in the 3DFA preview or when I export the project to an .exe file. But if I export to .swf most of the stuff I developed so far, doesn’t show up.

For example:
I developed a function which clones a bmp-graphic depending on the input.
Here a short test version:

function test ()
 output = pik.clone();
 return output;

my_new_pik= test ();
element ("DestroyButton").visible=true;
This works fine in the 3DFA preview but not in the final .swf-file?
Here is the SWF-Output
And here the project file .

What do you think what I did wrong?
Thanks for your help.

Greetings from Heidelberg

Ps. I hope you understand english