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Thread: [disc] why do people like manga characters ?

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    I'd play a black background and multi-colored 8-bit stick figures if the story was good enough.
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    I guess I'm the 1% odd value.

    I must admit that I can't stand "manga-RPGs" (I use this as a general description) I had my play with the FF series, almost all Zelda parts and a lot which I didn't recall the name of, because I just played them for an hour or so (and got bored).

    I usually like RPGs (some of my favs are: Oblivion, Baldurs Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Bards Tale series and the Ultima series), but the cutenes and the overall style of the "manga-RPGs" just doesn't apeal to me (this includes the style of the battles, too).

    While I find the stories of mangas/anime quite entertaining it doesn't work for RPGs for me ...


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