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Thread: Flash CS3......lots of bugs, and no good fixes

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    Flash CS3......lots of bugs, and no good fixes

    Well I have been using Flash CS3 for only a few days and already finding bugs and things that should have been addressed.

    first some bugs.

    when minimizing the side panel (ie, library side and all that) if you open the library panel via the quilc access method they now give, it bugs out alot, not allowign you to use the library, as well as makes the library disapear if yo mouse over the top right side, the panel stays but it goes empty.

    This is very bothersome since we can no longer just click the arrow to close it, it now just minimizes a bit and still takes up screen room, then when trying to use the quick access panels they all bug out.

    This upsets me because I would much rather still be able to close that side completely, but instead it semy closes and still takes up scrren room, and then since the quick pnales are bugged you have to maximize it to use the panels anyway defeating the whole purpose of why they must have gotten rid of the arrow.

    Very unhappy not being able to completely close the side panels anymore. Totally retarded system they made.

    Second bug which is not as big of a deal, but The actions panel minimize and maximize in conjuction with the properties panel bugs ou as well, many time if I have my properties panel minimzed and my actions panel, if I just click the actions panel to bring it up, it maximizes the properties panel instead then I have to click the actions panel again, and then minimize the properties panel again, very annoying.

    another thing is the mouse overs on the panels, if you mouse over the actions panel "x" then go to the stage or library panel the "x" stays red, not a big deal but annoying just the same.

    Now to some things I can not believe they didnt fix.

    First I like being able to undock my actions panel and move my script to another monitor, problem is I dont code in flash anymore as I am sure no one else does, and Im sure teven adobe assumes we dont since they way as3 works and with the easy access classes and stuff.

    So here is my beif with this, you can not undock .as files and move them out of the flash UI, so if your working on a project and say have a .fla open, and then opne a script you still have to toggle back and forth between the too, if you minimize them both yo cant drag the panels out from flash, they go behind its borders.

    So why make a nice docking panel for the actions panel and allofw us to move it anywhere, but yet keep our .as panels trapped in the .fla.

    I now am forced to use flash 8 on my second monitor for my scripts, and cs3 on the other ofr my .fla.

    So far not hapy with CS3, these are onyl a few bugs and problems, but there are more, just cant recall each right now, but the whole app is filled with bugs.

    EDIT - Now Im syaing these ar bugs not broken they do work as intended 65% of the time, but when they bug its annoying

    and just one more thing, when creating new panels such as the library you can put them anywhere near any of the side panels or they go behind them, whats up with that.
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