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Thread: Scores/Standings player input?

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    Scores/Standings player input?

    I'm making a website that will allow people to post their current high score of a game onto the page, and it would be displayed on the site in real time. I have NO idea how to accomplish this.

    Here's the idea:
    It's a virtual pinball game, the highest score wins. The player gets the highest current score, and types in his name and score. The page then updates and shows his name and score on the site and everyone now knows the new score to beat. If someone puts a lower score than the one already posted, the site either ignores it, or puts it in the correct spot on the standings.



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    you will need flash to send data to php script then have php connect (by mySQL) to a database.

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    There are a variety of options, but as wattsup has suggested, all require server scripts.

    The most common is PHP, which is a free (opensource) script, and usually is used with a MySQL database.

    However, other server-side languages are available, including ASP ( a Microsoft language which is very easy to learn, though limited in capacity ), Ruby, .NET etc etc

    Find out what your host supports, and then, for PHP tutorials, go to www.flash-db.com, or for ASP, search www.aspin.com

    You will also find several (outdated but usefull) tutorials here at flashkit, in the tutorials section
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