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Thread: changing imported string to xml file

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    changing imported string to xml file

    II am importing an flv file with embedded metadata. The metadata is in the form of an flv file. But when I bring in the metadata and put it into a variable, flash doesn't read it as an xml file. How would I tell flash to read it as an xml file?
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    If I assign a string to an XML Object it still needs to be structured as readable XML. If your string is embedded as such...why isn't something like this working?:

    nameofyournetstream.onMetaData = function(obj) {

    my_xml = new XML(obj.namedofyourstoredmetadatavariable);

    //should be able to treat "my_xml" as valid xml if it is valid


    I have no specially injected flv's lying around with embedded XML structured strings so other than to show you constructing an XML object using standard metadata inside an onMetaData handler (which I didn't do because that is not your question)...I can't help much other than to assume your stored metadata string is structured as valid xml. Just assign it to an XML object and handle it like you would any valid XML I would think

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