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Thread: Cue Point Accuracy

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    Cue Point Accuracy

    I am having some problems with seeking to cue point sin a .flv. W e needed to encode and flv with a low keyframe rate so the file size would be smaller. There are about 40 cuepoints in the one flv that need to be pretty accurate, within half a second. We have tried embedding the cuepoints and adding them with actionscript through an xml file with no luck.

    What happens is, when you seek to a specific cuepoint, it just goes the nearest keyframe, which in this case can be more than a second off. However if the movie just plays and traces out a cuepoint time when it hits a cuepoint, then it is accurate, I just can'ts eek accurately.

    Is there anyway to get around this in flash?
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    Flash can only seek to keyframes in .flv files. The only way around it would be to re-encode with more keyframes.

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