I'm working on a game that does some basic 3D, drawing objects with the AS line/fill commands. Because my game heavily constrains the player's perspective, I noticed there are some things that could be drawn in advance - for example, the camera can only move straight ahead and consequently there are some objects that vary only in their Z-value, never X Y or rotation, so it would not be unreasonable to draw them at many different Z values and then use those images instead of having to spend time projecting the points and making draw calls during the game. Still, I would like to draw these things with actionscript, not by hand, so that if I decide I want to change the game's perspective or the screen size a little it will be easy.

Now, I read online that there's no way in AS to draw to multiple different frames (too bad, that would have worked nicely--maybe in AS3, anybody know?). So I was wondering if anybody had any clever ideas on how I might be able to do this. If I have to, I'll do it by hand, but it looks like a lot of work and I'm afraid of having to toss it out if I decide the game field needs more room