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Thread: psp flash file browser

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    psp flash file browser

    Is there any way i can view files using flash in the psp web browser to view and load files.

    plus remember the psp can only work with flash lite 1.0 and flash 6.0

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    the PSP web browser does not have file browsing capability, and Flash itself has never had this feature for security reasons.
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    what kind of files are you talking about

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    yes with a little work -

    {Sorry, I didn't fully consider your question - this reply doesn't answer your question correctly - I think you want to load one flash movie from another - this is not doing that at all -}

    I made a small html page in memory stick called my dashboard and save it as a bookmark.

    Then made smaller pages linking to that - ebooks (these are html files from project gutenberg) - and flash games - flash movies.

    each page acts as an html index - lists the names of the files with html link to open the files in the web-browser.

    am very happy with way it's worked and how fast I can manouevre around to all my files - without that slow text entry device

    Once it's set up is very easy to maintain through USB and notepad on computer.

    I am very surprised that sony never provided this info to newbies - it expands the possibility of the psp enormously.

    good luck
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