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Thread: LoadMovieNum ->LoadMovie together

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    LoadMovieNum ->LoadMovie together

    Is any reason why I wouldn't be able to use LoadMovieNum and LoadMovie in the same project?

    The main menu loads the course(with LoadMovieNum) into layer 1.

    The course (now in layer 1) loads exercises (using loadMovie) - by attaching them to a moviclip.

    When the course runs by itself, the exercises load just fine using loadMovie.

    But when the course is called by the menu (with LoadMovieNum), the exercises will not load (with loadMovie). There is nothing that shows.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you,

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    I guess the path to the target in your loadMovie() is wrong.
    For example, of you use loadMovie(something, _root.container) then, as your timeline is not _root anymore but _level1, it would work with either of these:

    loadMovie(something, _level1.container);
    loadMovie(something, this.container);


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    Your problem is most likely caused by a scope problem and _root calls in your external files.

    when you use loadmovienum, your _root calls don't reference the main timeline anymore. So using loadmovie on the main timeline, your _root calls work as expected, but using loadmovie from a clip that's been loaded via loadmovienum will cut your _root calls off.

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