I've been hunting a performance bug in my game for some time now, and someone on the adobe forums suggested to me that it was probably due to a bug in the drawing API where as you draw more, even if you're clearing your movie clip each frame, the CPU usage will go up. I did some tests that indicate this is the case. You can see for yourself: draw a substantial number of shapes on an MC each frame (say, 400-500 filled squares), let it run for a while. It might take a long time, but eventually the framerate should drop severely.

This is a serious problem for me, since my game is 3D, and the only reasonably fast way I can find to do it is with the drawing API. Yet I can't find any documentation on this bug (assuming we're correct that it exists) or any workarounds.

Has anybody else ever heard of this? Know any ways to get around it? Any help I can get will be greatly appreciated, it might save me from having to ditch all my work :P