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Thread: change depths in as3

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    resolved change depths in as3

    im trying to change depths of sprites that makes an elliptical movement.

    to make some perspective i scaled the sprites according to their y position and im trying to change their depths dynamically.

    As i expected swapDepths is no longer on AS3 so i tried to use setChildrenIndex() method, as adobe recommends. So the problem is that the index that i need to pass must be in range of the stage number of children. so i cant pass just a Math.floor() of the y position of the sprites, cause it throws an error.

    my pain is finding a way to calculate the correct depth of each sprite according to its y position

    now ive got something like this on my onEnterFrame handler

    for (i=0;i<sprites.length;i++) 
    	// first define the angle of each element 
    	sprites[i]._angle += speed;
    	// use sine and cosine to set the x and y position of each element, multiply by the radius factor and add the centerX value
    	sprites[i].x = Math.cos(sprites[i]._angle) * radiusX + centerX;
    	sprites[i].y = Math.sin(sprites[i]._angle) * radiusY + centerY;
    	// scale the sprites acoording to it's y position to create an illusion of some perstpective
    	s = sprites[i].y / (radiusY + centerY);
    	sprites[i].scaleY = sprites[i].scaleX = s;				
    	sprites[i].alpha = s + 0.3;
    	depth = ???;
    	stage.setChildIndex(sprites[i], depth);
    im trying to find a way to calculate the correct index (or depth)...

    i imagine something like this (but not exactly this)

    Math.floor(stage.numChildren / radiusY * sprites[i].y)

    but is not good

    is there an easy way to do it?


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    You should be able to use swapChildren, if you have a reference to two sprites that you want in reverse order.

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    hi guys,
    problem solved.
    thanks a lot to you both :-)

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