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Thread: [Game] DA3

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    [Game] DA3

    Here is another simple game.
    Feedback ?

    Game Name: Dot Avoid 3 [DA3]
    Game Link: Gamestack.org
    Game Instructions: You are a green square. Your objective is to avoid the black dots.
    Game Description: Mouse Up / Down will move your green dot.

    Thank you all.
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    I think that you should try being a bit more creative with it. You could make the black dots move like falling snow. The thing is there's already a lot of avoider games made that are like this one. If this is made with actionscript 3.0 then that is much better. The music helps. It takes a bit too long for the game to start after pressing the play button.

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    Someone once replied to game I released "I love how the koala's chase the giraffe..." Case in point, you need better graphics. I honestly got bored of staring at black dots on a white background to the point where it was more fun to die just to break the monotonous gameplay. Also, my highscores were never added to the highscore list even though I successfully scored 9th place (alias:IP). Lastly, though I don't feel like proving it, people are eventually going to realize after 30 seconds like I did that you've got the common bug I think I'll call mouse-snapping. Let the entire group of dots come after you, then simply move your mouse outside of the flash window, move it accordingly and bring it back in. The player will snap to the mouse, effectively skipping over all the baddies. 3 options: Create a bar to detect the mouse movement and stop it from happening; switch to keyboard control or just use gradual movement; or lastly, write a function that detects if the difference in the player's new and old y value is rediculously high (meaning more than a mouse could reasonably move in 1 frame), that checks for a hit every y value in between, or every other 3rd value in between.
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    the load time for that game is ridiculous. Get rid of the music, seriously that game should be no more than 20k

    i agree with all other comments here
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    You need to either not make the mouse be hidden, or have crossheirs to show where the mouse is. How it is now, it's hard to prevent the mouse from coming out of the game area.

    I definitely agree with swak, you should give it a plotline, or atleast some good images that mean something. Also, you should add powerups, fake blocks, score givers, etc to make it more interesting. At the moment it's quite boring.


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