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Thread: Gill Sans trouble

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    Gill Sans trouble


    I've got a site I've designed in Photoshop using GS Regular. But when I try using the same font in Flash, it's a lot lighter. If I faux bold it, it's too heavy and doesn't look good. Is my only option to create the titles in Phtoshop and import them?


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    Have you tried all the settings? In Photoshop you get "smooth, strong, crisp" etc and in flash you get the "anti-alias for animation/readability" etc. Do none of the settings match?

    Are you positioning your type on whole numbers/ integer co-ordinates?
    ie. x=10, y=10 rather than x=13.13, y= 17.7 - that will make a big difference

    Personaly I'd stay away from faux bolding at all costs.

    Hypocritically... what does Gill Sans Light with faux bold look like?

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