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Thread: My Computer Can't Keep Up With My Animation!

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    My Computer Can't Keep Up With My Animation!

    Hi Guys,

    For fun I've been making an animation to go with a song that's about 3.5 minutes long.

    I'm about half way through but now it's all starting to go wrong - the frames are skipping, and it's all getting a bit slow.

    What have I done wrong? Should I be pulling in movie clips rather than doing it all in one scene or is it just my PC?

    Is there a solution?

    Thanks in advance for any advice,

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    You should probably upload it so people can better work that out. It probably is a CPU thing though.

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    simple, first you could set the frame rate at 30 fps, then on your music clips timeline, click on any frame and open its properties window, locate the section that reads 'Sync: ' and select Stream, with it your telling the sound to follow in exact coordination with the frames

    this should help the problem
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