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Thread: [ALPHA] Turtle Ballistic

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    [ALPHA] Turtle Ballistic


    This is the Ultra Alpha of my new game, Turtle Ballistic
    The script of the Rinos is way off for the moment, they will be like some kind of bosses, only 3-5 / level and hard to be destroyed. I will draw other characters these days

    I would like some feedback on graphix, turtle movement and if the "fast computer" options from Instructions button really kill your computer!

    Have Fun!

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    graphics: awesome. although i'm not too keen on the outer glow
    turtle movement: a little bit slugish
    fast computer: not too much difference (Spec: \2Ghz 2Gb 128Mb graphics)
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    I don't know what you want me to say, it works? It's such an early beta there's not much there to judge. I really just wanted to say that:

    Quote Originally Posted by BlinkOk
    turtle movement: a little bit slugish
    gave me one hell of a laugh.
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    The graphics are very nice. The game is too early to comment. The fast computer toggle is only notable right when you dump into the level and the rhinos do the same. All the characters start off really fast but end up at the same slow level as before! It'll probably be easier to comment, when you get a bit further
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    It looks really nice, and performs well enough even on fast computer mode (~2.6ghz, 3gb ram).
    Can't really say much about the rest of the game.

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    Great graphics!

    I knew that engine in a game, I just make the graphics, and the one player mode is been develop


    Maybe you should add more items and weapons

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