This is the first alpha version of my current games project, Toytown tower defense. It's one of those tower defense games, which wouldn't have looked quite as generic if I'd bought it out in January, when I started it rather than now.

As you can probably see it needs a lot of work, but most of the features are in there. It has 4 different types of towers, each with different abilities and shot type, hero units, boss units, flying units, upgrades and auras that give bonuses to towers.

In the actual game getting different combinations of the auras will give cool bonuses, so as to stop people choosing one aura, but that's not in this version.

Anyway, I'm waffling. The main purpose of this alpha is to get feedback on the balance of the game - is it too hard, too easy? Are the towers evenly matched and priced? Are the heroes broadly matched? Also if you find any bugs I need to know, and whether it runs OK on your PC.

- I've had someone report to me an infinite loop bug, but in that general 'I'm not really sure what I was doing' way, so I can't replicate it myself. He did say he thought it was to do with the hero being in the corner. If you find this can you let me know the situations where it happened.