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Thread: Flash movie sizes

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    Flash movie sizes

    Hi there,

    I am wondering why everyone seems to make their flash movies the same SMALL size? I realize they would be a bit bigger to download if they were bigger but I cant imagine that much bigger since its vector graphics mostly.

    Anyone want to fill me in? I want to make a game and was thinking it would be really nice to make it 800x600.


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    It's all about the end user. to play it really safe people design for browsers between 800x600 up to 1280x1024. I never bother with the 800x600 because so few still have such a small monitor. If you're designing for 800x600 remember that the actual display size is much smaller. change your preferences to 800x600, take a screen shot of it and then take it into photoshop to determine what the dispaly size is after you crop it. Remember things like google toolbar take up space too.

    If it's all vectors, you can make it scale to any browser/size.

    Many SWFs are small because of the download time for the pixel graphics like you said

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