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Thread: [F8] Help on CPU Speed Check Code

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    [F8] Help on CPU Speed Check Code

    Hey, Guys!

    I´ve been looking for a way to make a flash web-site detect the user´s system and, based on this analysis, lead the browser to a specific version of the site (say, a "light version" or a "full version").

    After some searches in many forums, I´ve found a code that seems to provide a rough idea of the user´s system perfomance. I am not sure how it works exactly, but it is pretty interesting. I am attaching the original fla. So, this fla evaluates the system performance and based on that gives us a number. So if this number is under a pre-specified value, my site will load a "light version", without effects. If this number is above a pre-defined value, my site will load a "full version".

    What I want now (and have no idea how to do it) is make this code collect (let´s say) three different numbers and calculate an average number among them, so the end result will be more reliable. I am having a hard time to explain this, but once you guys open the fla it will get pretty clear.

    Thanks in advance
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