Okay - it's not often I post on forums at all for help - let alone three times recently - but I really appreciate the help here!

As the title says - I've added a child (which is class called "Target" and is an extended Sprite) straight to the main object (entry point). I've also made it somewhat of a Singleton object (the main object, that is) by making a static reference and a GetReference() function to call the main object.

1 - The singleton appears to be working fine - a call to Main.GetInstance().StatusMessage("Test"); works absolutely fine, and outputs to the screen as it should
2 - I've tried, from the child, using this.parent.removeChild(this); - it failed
3 - I've tried:
var d:flash.display.DisplayObject = Main.GetInstance().getChildByName(this.name);

d traces as NULL, and of course removeChild fails.

So - how is a child supposed to kill themselves without external involvement? Surely this is something that is required incredible frequently?!

Thanks again!