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Thread: [RESOLVED] Preloader change needed so it watches external swf load

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    [RESOLVED] Preloader change needed so it watches external swf load


    I have a finished site that works fine except that the opening preloader (and the one that you see when you click on "Portfolio") do not load soon enough. In other words, initially the user sees a blank screen until it appears. I believe I know the problem- the preloader needs to be in an swf that loads everything else as an external swf. Currently one preloader is IN the external swf (in the case of the portfolio) and the other is in the site that is being loaded. Since an swf file doesn't appear until it has loaded x amount, the preloaders don't show until that point. So I know the problem but I don't have the skills to fix it.

    I need someone to make the change to both of these preloaders. It should be a quick fix, so I would like to pay $30.00, assuming it will take an hour or less. Or, if you are an art lover, you can have up to $60 in merchandise from my site. I would like this done very soon and will send the fla and instructions to the capable party.

    Here is the site in question:


    You can reach me at art@michaelphipps.net


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    Yeah, I'd take a look at it. $30 if I fix it in an hour or so. And if I can't fix it in an hour or two, you don't owe me anything. Sound fair?


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    A very good offer- someone beat you to it, though. Thanks!

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