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Thread: [MX04] flash and music/sounds

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    [MX04] flash and music/sounds

    hey there, name's Top-Dog

    I want to put music and sounds in my flash animation I'm currently working on, the problem is, the music doesn't stop where I want it to, I put it in a long frame, and where the frame ends, I want the music/sound to end there too...but it doesn't =( I was wondering if you guys could help me with this, I need the music to stop where the frame ends. Also, when I'm making the flash, everything syncs well with the music/sounds, but when I put it on a sight or test the movie, it all horribly goes OUT OF sync and won't stop when I pause the flash X_x I know it's probably one of the easiest problems to solve on flash, but I've tried all sorts but nothings working =<
    If anyone can help me on this, I'd appreciate it greatly ^^

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    Hi and welcome to FK
    for total control, have a look at using a sound object
    there is a good tutorial at the link in my sig.

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