I have a small business and want to create some Flash presentations for marketing purposes. I want to find that happy balance between simple to learn and use on the one hand and impressive output on the other, though I believe that for impressive it just needs to be clean, basic, yet professional.

I don't have time for much of a learning curve. (Let me repeat that: I don't have time for much of a learning curve. I'm in the odd area of being too small to hire pros quite yet and needing to do some serious work by myself, but having a tiger by the tail with the company growth and very little time.)

At the same time, I like my software to work right the first time. Quirk I have.

My overall proficiency level is that I use, at a rudimentary level only, Audition, InDesign, Photoshop Elements, and Dreamweaver. Of course I also use the main Office programs at a basic level.

These two sites are examples of where my proficiency level is at:





So, now I want to add Flash with video, images, and text to our web pages.

I have never so much as opened up a video editor or a Flash program before.

I plan to use Adobe Premiere Elements 3 for the video -- I have a camcorder. (I will also check out Adobe Visual Communicator 3 beta.)

I'm now trying to decide between Wildform and Blue Pacific for encoding the video to Flash and for doing the rest of my Flash work.

(I expect some stills and text will be done in the video and that I'll then use an FLV encoder to convert the video to Flash, and that most of the stills and text will be done in the Flash creation program itself, if I understand it right.)

If I get Wildform, I'll probably get the whole suite, unless that's way overkill. If I get Blue Pacific, though, well, the video encoder product seems simple enough, but to do more it seems Turbine is needed, and that looks a bit high-end and a lot more complicated than what I'm likely going to want to get into.

But Blue Pacific generally looks like more professionally done software.

Actually, I can't tell, and I have reviewed all the web sites I can readily find.

So, I guess I'm looking for opinions on whether Wildform is hands-down the way to go for someone like me, or if I should seriously consider Blue Pacific, and if there are other things I should also consider.