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Thread: contentPath problem

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    contentPath problem

    I get Flash to play the video just the way I want it (I'm using Flash 8 pro)... as long as it's on my computer...

    I am doing this the simple way, Import video, add a skin and want it to be a progressive download...

    When I upload the files to my server nothing shows up. In the Flash help they say you have to make sure that the value of the contentPath must be updated before you upload the swf to the server. I tried both putting a relative path and using the URL, but nothing works.

    Does this sound familiar to anyone? Can someone tell me what is wrong??

    Thanks // Kenneth

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    No one? I getting a little desperate...

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    Sounds like a path problem. How are you loading the flv file?
    Is the file structure on the server the same as on your local computer?
    Does the skin show up?

    Are you loading it directly as this:
    my_flvPb.contentPath = "_one/_vid1.flv";
    or with a URL?

    If the skin does not appear, you have a path problem.

    Are you loading the swf into an html doc or another swf?

    If direct into an html doc, try loading the swf directly from the server without the page (www.bla.com/my.swf) and see if it works.

    There are many possibilities, but I would start with the simply ones first.

    Good luck.

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    which part isn't showing up? if the swf is showing, but the flv is not, it may be a problem with the server configurations, particularly if it's an iis server. we had a similar problem with an flv hosted on a web server not showing up, but once the mime types were changed to recognize the flv extension (it's not set by default), they worked just fine.

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