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Thread: Changing a Sprite's Registration Point

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    Changing a Sprite's Registration Point

    I need help from any of you experienced coders out there! I'm trying to make an interface similar to Leo Burnett but with a little more flexibility.

    The main interface needs two separate registration points (of course not REAL registration points, but conceptually!):
    - One used to control the x and y (I'll call it Translator)
    - A second one to be used as the center for all scaling and rotations (Rotator)

    Ideally changing either point will not effect the other AT ALL.
    This has been my biggest issue to deal with.

    These points can be relative to the stage, the sprite, or the sprite's parent - whatever you think is easiest to implement! In my particular case the Rotator reference point will always be located in the center of the stage, but the Tranlator is free to move around freely. Ideally everything would be top left aligned so that setting Translator to (0,0) would put it in the top left corner of the stage.

    I've literally tried a dozen things. Any comments, ideas, psuedo code, examples, links are very welcomed! Perhaps my whole idea just doesn't make sense and someone can enlighten me

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    I just realized that the behaviour I am asking for is something that is built into the Flash IDE! Create a movie clip and you will see. There is a "Registration" point, the cross we all know and love, and a "Transformation" point, the white circle. This is exactly the behaviour I would like to recreate.

    I'll keep trying.

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