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Thread: (F8) Text effect Using array problem

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    (F8) Text effect Using array problem

    Hey all,

    i'm a bit of a newbi to actionscript but i've been trying to create a multi-line text effect that mimics computer output (type writer effect) for my first actionscipt project but i think i've bitten off more than i can chew

    the text is stored as a string, and using the below actionscript one letter at a time appears to create ot create the effect.

    var txt = "Typewriter text effect & test will continue.";
    txtFX(txt, myTxt, 100)

    var intID;

    function txtFX(strTxt, outTxt, timeAmt) {
    outTxt.text += strTxt.substr(0, 1);
    strTxt = strTxt.substr(1);
    if (strTxt.length > 0) {
    intID = setInterval(txtFX, timeAmt, strTxt, outTxt, timeAmt);

    the promblem is that i have around 40 words to display using this text effect and as the letters reach the end of each line, when the computer realises the last word won't fit on the line it moves the word down a line, and because the effect is happening at speed you have these blurry flashes occuring. i've attached the flv so you can see.

    the long and short of it all is i am trying the create some type of effect that will display text similar to a computer.

    things i've tried:

    * using diffrent squares to cover each text line then sliding them, but the background is too textured to work

    * masking each line but this requires one text copy for each mask.

    the only thing i can think of is to animate each line of text mannualy.

    any Guidence anyone can give me would be very much appriciated,
    perhaps there is a easy answer to it all,
    and any one who can solve this problem would have my eternal gratitude!

    Tim, Carter

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