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Thread: [cs3] Using Swf Files Instead Of Scenes : Help

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    [cs3] Using Swf Files Instead Of Scenes : Help

    Hello everyone, just need some simple help here.

    Im creating a website using flash CS3, but iam using
    action script 2.

    I'm half way through finishing off my website, but have noticed
    that building the website in scenes has created a very big file.

    I've decided to break them up into seperate swf files now.

    Basically, i have a homepage with a test button at the moment,
    which i need to be linked to another page (swf) instead of scenes.
    Im stuck on the actionscript for it. I cant seem to link to another page
    (swf) file.

    Any help would be much appreciated...


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    The easiest way to do this, if I understand you correctly, is to create a container movieclip, and then to load the new swf files into it. When you load a swf into container, it will replace whatever was previously into container...

    so, create a movieclip...something as simple as a box, called "container"

    Then, the code should look something like this:

    testButton.onPress = function(){

    loadClip("nameofyourswf.swf", container);


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    dante's inferno
    or just load and unload your swf's into levels. your main movie is level 0

    myButton.onRelease = function(){
    loadMovieNum('myPage.swf',1); //file, level

    for this example, your main swf and myPage swf are in the same location.
    if you wanted to put your pages in a nother folder just type the path in quotes



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    It would be simple to use loadMovieNum but to use a MovieClipLoader, you can have expanded functionality of gaging different aspects of the movieclip. You could make a preloader and such. You could not do this otherwise. So go into the flash help and look at the MovieClipLoader class.

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    thankyou for the kind help everyone...

    Looks like i'll be giving it a go today.
    I'll reply back to let you know how i do...

    Much appreciated


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    Hey there,

    I've been messing around with all the options and everything seems
    to be going ok. I've been a little stuck with the
    MovieClipLoader. So i have included a link to
    the my working files. A simple zip download.
    If anyone could help me out, with coding as
    a MovieClipLoader between swf files, so i can
    also use my preloader for each swf...

    Be very much appreciated, as im pulling hair out here.

    link is below


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