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Thread: [F8] Need Help from Actionscript Superhero!!!

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    [F8] Need Help from Actionscript Superhero!!!

    I have a script that I am using to attach menu buttons to a menu. As you can see it is a simple "for" statement. And an array for the button text.

    The issue: I have the buttons scaling on rollOver and rollOut (5 total). I want the other four button to scale down when one button scales up. How can I (if possible) add the script to my script?
    var MenuBtns:Array = new Array();
    MenuBtns[0] = "text 01";
    MenuBtns[1] = "text 02";
    MenuBtns[2] = "text 03";
    MenuBtns[3] = "text 04";
    MenuBtns[4] = "text 05";
    for (var i:Number = 0; i<MenuBtns.length; i++) {
    	newY = 45+(28*i);
    	this.attachMovie("MC_MenuButton","Menu"+i+"_mc",i,{_x:40, _y:newY});
    	this["Menu"+i+"_mc"].onRollOver = function() {
    		this._xscale = 110;
    		this._yscale = 110;
    		this.onRollOut = function() {
    			this._xscale = 100;
    			this._yscale = 100;
    			this._x = 40;
    Please help if you have any ideas or suggestions!
    Thank you!!

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    http://pat.theorigin.net cresquin's Avatar
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    you'll need to scale ALL your buttons down to whatever you want them to scale down to, then scale the active one back up. kind of like a reset switch.

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    thanks for the reply cresquin. I figured that would be the deal, but using the "for" statement, how can I apply an action to each MC in the array?

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