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    I dont often venture in here, but I had a thought the other day while searching for older threads in the Arena.

    Advanced features for new threads.

    - Subcategories for thead:
    1: Image Category: Photoshop / Vector / Vexel
    2: Genre: Horror / Humor / Glamorous / Contemporary / Etc
    3: Battle Type: Open Battle / Set Challenge / Open Challenge / Forum Competition / Community Challenge

    1: Would make searching for specific threads easier by narrowing down the fields.
    2: Would make it easier to recognize the type of thread you are interested in at a glance on the Tread Indexes.
    3: Because I came up with it, it will rock the hell out of everything! MUUUAHAHAHAHA
    4: I had a whole list of benefits last night which I forgot, and the first two are the most important ones anyway so lets just leave it at that.

    I'd like to suggest adding these fields to the existing "new thread" page, I don't think it would be necessary to sub categorize the thread indexes themselves, with the idea of this "advanced" information being displayed under the thread title.

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    Just a thought! Use it / Dont use it. OK BYE!

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    Do you mean like on some forums where they have like a sub-text beneath the main title where it's listed? I've wanted that for a while, alot of forums have it and some even allow you to search by it,,,
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