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Thread: Flash Actionscripter guru Today!

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    Flash Actionscripter guru Today!

    I'm in serious dilemma with this job and need someone with actionscript experience to help me out! I'm willing to split a significant share of this job to whomever willing to take this job. Must be serious and confident with AS2 scripting.

    Looking for an experienced Actionscripter that can help put together and complete existing code by modifiy and adding new features to it. The code is relatively simple(too hard for me though).

    The script is currently using AS2 and communicates directly with ASP.net code, the swf is loaded with a string variable that modifies symbols and colors of the symbols. This is currently working and the additional feature is to add a new type of animated symbol that animates/sound effects. The animations and graphics are already completed, all I need is someone to put this together in a about 2 days from now.

    my offer is is $500 on the table right now immediately recieve 25% on acceptance of the job, and bonus $200 if job is completed by tomorrow. This is totally possible since the script is relatively simple, just not for me..

    Will pay via Paypal non-CC funds
    email me at alfred(dot)lee(at)gmail(dot)com or PM me for details
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    I should be able to get it done tonight.. no later than tomorrow night.

    PM sent.

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    sent me the file...i'll do it faster than anyone

    PM sent

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