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Thread: Scroller In Reverse

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    Scroller In Reverse

    This is a simple horizontally scrolling pane.

    Just has a trackbar (no buttons) which has the following code:
    on (press) {startDrag(this, false, _root.left, _root.top, _root.right, _root.bottom);}
    on (release, releaseOutside) {stopDrag(); }

    Then the main mc (named WindowIN), also has the full width content masked inside it (named Nadine)

    has the following code:

    onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
    newX = oldX - (X+oldX)/(_root.ease);


    The left, top, right, bottom, ease and factor are numbers specified on a frame in the main time.

    It all works great, but I want the scrolling part to work in reverse - so when you scroll across, the scrolling part doesn't move against the scroller, but goes in the same direction (depending on how you look at it). Can anyone help?

    I've uploaded the FLA aswell to make it easier to understand.

    The other thing I need to do is have the whole movie move back and forth by itself if not clicked - so if anyone can help there, much appreciated.

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